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Davenport is one of the largest cities in Iowa and is also known as 'Iowa's Front Porch'. Davenport is located on the banks of Mississippi river and is the largest of the Quad Cities. Davenport was acquired by the United States in 1803 under the Louisiana Purchase. Davenport is in Scott County and is famous for annual events and water activities.

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Davenport housing includes modern buildings and many historical buildings. Roofing in Davenport is an year round activity as the roofs require maintenance, repair, or replacement. Davenport is a business center and is busy with many cultural and economic activities.

Davenport roofing mostly comprises IKO Midwest Shingles and other types of shingles. Due to the extreme winters and high temperature in summers, Davenport roofs require year round maintenance. Davenport, Iowa is also prone to hail and storms that damage the roofs most of the time.

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Davenport Roofer can offer roofing services include installation, repair, maintenance, or replacement. Roofs require annual maintenance other wise they are prone to curling, streaking, breaking, or cracking. Due to the extreme Midwest weather, the shingles contract in winter cold temperatures and expand during the hot summer temperatures.

Missing shingles after a storm is a common problem. Hail storm damages the shingles by denting them and chipping the shingles off. Any moisture retained by the shingles causes them to streak and may result in dark spots. Further, they may also cause moss growth on the roof which can ultimately creep into your house causing bad atmosphere for the people inside. Fires in the old buildings are a common problem for Davenport properties.

The roofs need to be checked for pet infestation on the roof. Surrounding trees that can damage the roof have to be trimmed off. Roofing components must be checked for as well. Flashings, ridge cap shingles, under layment, and so on also have to maintained. Gutters need clean up after every storm or else they could cause damage to the roofing system.

Roofing is a complex system and needs frequent updates and maintenance. The manufacturer warranty may be up to fifteen to twenty years, but annual maintenance is recommended. Davenport Roofer can solve your Roofing Dilemmas and offer suitable solutions based on your roof condition.

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The City of Davenport in Iowa requires special licensing to be able to pull permits to roof in the city. If your contractor doesn’t include the permit in the price, or ask you to pull the permit, they are not licensed to do work in the city.


Most of the roofing contractors are family owned businesses that are set up to serve the local roofs. The many offers by the roofing contractors is confusing to the property owners. Most home insurances cover roofing after ten to twenty years. Roofing contractors offer free estimates for your roof and let you know the payment options. Next, it is required to check with the insurance whether your roofing project is covered by the insurance and the amount covered.

In order to evaluate a roofing contractor, check their credentials and websites. You can check their Facebook and Houzz accounts. Verifying their reviews on Porch and Angie's List or Better Business Bureau is a good idea. Ask the roofing contractor for any additional guarantees offered by them on top of manufacturer warranty. Find an established business who tend to be in the region over a period of time. In future, if you have any roofing problem you can approach them as they have a better idea of your roof. Having a workmen's compensation is also necessary so that your insurance is not charged for any related claims.

Davenport roofer can provide you with samples of work and customer testimonials. Competitive pricing is a feature that you cannot miss. You can combine the roofing project with any exterior spring or fall maintenance that are required on the exterior of your property. Most roofing contractors are rated based on their annual revenue generation and number of roofing projects completed. Insurance claims require a lot of photographs and proofs to process a claim which can be furnished by the davenport roofer.

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Olde Town Group

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Olde Town Group is the leading contractor in Davenport, Iowa. They are a family-owned business serving customers 200 miles in and around Quad Cities. Olde Town Group offers roofing services such as inspection, installation, repair, and maintenance of roofs. If your roof is damaged by the recent storms and need roof services, contact Olde Town Group. Olde Town Group offers free estimates to customers. Their rates and products are competitive and best in Davenport.

Their roofing division, Olde Town Roofing, offers quality products to their customers such as IKO, James Hardie siding, CertainTeed products, Tyvek house wrap, Trex decking, and Andersen windows. Olde Town Group are a certified CertainTeed SELECT Shingle Master, IKO Shield Pro Plus certified contractor, and IB Roof System certified installer. They can install any product you select. Other services offered by Olde Town Group include siding, windows, home improvement, deck, renovation, remodeling, home additions, and so on. They are experienced and work with all demographics. Olde Town Group believes that all customers must be treated with respect and offers professional services.

Olde Town Group partners with financial institutions to offer better rates to customers. They work with high risk borrowers with approved credit. Zero interest and zero down options are available on request. They can assist you with insurance paperwork and documentation required. Call Olde Town Group at 3097385550 or 5637239940 or 3095171676 for more information on their Davenport Roofers.

Here is a brief introduction of Olde Town Group services by the owner, Sean Vogler.

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